What Are Tinnitus Maskers?

tinnitus masker in Coral Springs, FL

What Are Tinnitus Maskers?

Living with tinnitus can make everyday experiences irritating and uncomfortable due to the constant noises you might experience. There are ways to minimize the sound, however, and the audiologists at the Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) can help you look into a tinnitus masker in Coral Springs, FL to help.

What Does it Do?

A tinnitus masker is a small electronic device inserted into the ear, similar to a hearing aid, that generates low-volume sounds to mask the noise, buzzing, or ringing in your ears. The masking usually comes in the form of white noise, but which sound you choose depends on how the condition affects you personally. Maskers are often tailored specifically to the wearer’s condition, so the type of sound output varies. Some feature more natural sounds, like flowing water or wind, or pink noise; some play music.

A tinnitus masker in Coral Springs, FL is based on simpler white noise machines, which can be a cheaper option, but are not typically made to treat this condition. Many people use masking devices when going to sleep, but it’s common for them to be used throughout the day. Your audiologist can help you determine the right settings and how much good the masker will do for you.

How Can it Help?

Masking can arrive in two ways, depending on the condition of your hearing in general. The first and most obvious is in the regular device: it negates any ringing, buzzing, and other noises. The device will deliver a frequency higher than the noise generated by the ear to create the perception of it weakening. While this can work to partially or fully remove the unwanted noise, depending on the user, it doesn’t cure the condition; it simply helps to remove the most annoying symptom. Treatment of the underlying cause, if applicable, can make the removal permanent. If not, or if you just want something to help treatment along, a masker can fill the role.

A hearing aid may also serve as a sort of masker when the sufferer also experiences some hearing loss. This also depends on your particular needs, but since the unwanted sound can be onset by hearing problems, a hearing aid picking up more natural sounds around you helps manage the bothersome ones. Whether or not this is a good option for you depends on your condition.

How do I get a Tinnitus Masker in Coral Springs, FL?

Talk to your doctor or audiologist, like those at The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida), about seeing if a masker is a good choice. The severity, location, and quality of your condition will all play into what kind of masking you need. While white noise machines and ambient recordings can help to a degree, playing the sounds directly into one or both ears may be the more effective treatment.

Once you have all the information you need to make a good decision, you can pick a tinnitus masker in Coral Springs, FL treatment to alleviate your symptoms. Though tinnitus can have a negative impact on your life, the right masker can soothe the condition and help you get back to enjoying the sounds and noises in your world.

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