A Plantation FL Audiologist Discusses Decibel Levels That Cause Hearing Loss

Plantation FL Audiologist decibel levelsAt The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associate of South Florida), audiologists can diagnose your hearing loss type and level by utilizing the latest technologies in medical treatment. A Plantation FL Audiologist will be able to determine the decibel level and propose causes of your hearing loss by gathering information and asking certain questions.

What A Plantation FL Audiologist Can Do

We find the root of the problem as soon as possible so we can begin treatment for your hearing loss. Our trained professionals will discuss hearing loss causes and walk you through how to use a hearing aid. We will go in depth about what you should expect as far as changes that affect your daily life and we will make your hearing aid is fitted to your highest level of comfort.


What Are Decibel Levels?


A decibel indicates how loud a sound is. The average human can hear between 0 and 140 decibels. A level of 0 does not necessarily mean that there is no sound, just simply that we cannot hear it because it is so minute. There is a possibility for us to hear more than 140 decibels but that would be a very loud and uncomfortable noise to the human ear. A decibel above 140 can be very dangerous and if you are listening to noise this loud, you are at risk for permanent hearing loss. An audiologist can perform tests to determine what decibel you hear certain noises.


Different Decibels


To understand decibels a little better, here is a few examples of the levels of sound you can hear.

  • Decibel 10 is almost inaudible and is the equivalent to hearing a leaf fall.
  • Decibel 20 is audible and is as loud as the rustling of leaves.
  • Decibel 30 is a whisper and is very quiet.
  • Decibel 50 includes limited sound such as a car driving by.
  • Decibel 60 is the sound of a voice and is audible.
  • Decibel 90 is extremely unpleasant and the noise is sometimes yelling or screaming.
  • Decibel 150 is permanent damage to hearing such as setting off fireworks.


The Events That Can Cause Hearing Loss


Hearing loss is not black and white. There are a number of reasons why you may experience hearing loss and a variety of different hearing loss levels. There are causes of temporary hearing loss such as wax build up, a foreign object stuck inside the ear canal, a cold, and ear infections. The more permanent hearing loss issues can be caused by hereditary disorders, genetic disorders, prenatal exposure to disease, noises with higher decibels above 140, trauma, and certain diseases. Also, age-related hearing loss is very common. Our hearing decreases as we get older and that affects the clarity of sound. Age-related hearing loss usually begins with higher frequencies so certain letters sound the same. This means a person can hear what is being said but cannot understand it.

Other common causes of hearing loss can be attending loud music festivals, dance clubs and other high decibel events that can reach dangerous deicbel levels. It is important to take care of your ears, and maintain a safe distance away from loud speakers nad other devices that can cause discomfort.

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