What is an Otolaryngologists and Can They Help with Hearing Loss?

Otolaryngologists in Plantation and Coral Springs, FLKnown as the oldest recorded profession in the U.S.A, otolaryngologists are basically physicians who specialize in the areas of the ear, nose, and throat. These types of doctors can treat, help manage and even provide surgery for these delicate parts and are well versed in all of the disorders and diseases that can negatively impact them. The Hearing Doctors have two well-respected Otolaryngologists in Plantation and Coral Springs, FL. Doctors Curtis D.  Johnson and Jon J. have dedicated their lives to helping their patients live a better life.


That Sounds a Lot like an ENT Doctor. Are They the Same Thing?

Ear, nose and throat specialists (ENT doctors) is a term that is used interchangeably with Otolaryngologists. It is important to note that Otolaryngologists in Plantation and Coral Springs, FL also treat the structures of the neck and face as well.


How Can Otolaryngologists Help Me Treat My Hearing Loss?


It is estimated that one in ten people in North America is affected by some form of hearing loss or ear disorder. As part of their extensive training, Otolaryngologists are able to offer medical and surgical treatment for hearing loss. If you are experiencing any type of ear complication, an ENT doctor has the extensive knowledge to be able to diagnose and treat your medical issue.


What Type of Training Do Otolaryngologists Go Through?

ENT doctors must undergo extensive schooling and training. They must complete 4 years for their Bachelor’s, then 4 more years of medical school. Afterward, specialty training for a minimum of 5 years is often required. Only once all of the training and education mentioned beforehand are completed can the doctor then take the examination for the American Board of Otolaryngology. Once passed, many a doctor will then decide to take part in a fellowship to further their knowledge and experience in their field or on their desired specialty area.


What Areas Does an Otolaryngologist Train In?

  1. Head and Neck: whether a cancerous cell is present, tumors exist or
  2. Neurotology: this are focuses on
  3. Pediatric Otolaryngology: This are focuses on treating children and infants with hearing complications.
  4. Reconstructive and plastic surgery of the face: Whether in the face, neck or ears, an
  5. Allergies: As the name implies, Doctors Curtis D. Johnson and Jon J.
  6. Laryngology: the doctors who study Laryngology are highly trained in all aspects of the voice. From
  7. Rhinology: When it comes to rhinology, doctors receive extensive training in the field of disorders of the nose and sinuses.

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If you are in need of an Otolaryngologists in Plantation and Coral Springs, FL, Doctors Rosenthal and Johnson are available at the two office locations for The Hearing Doctors.

As two top Otolaryngologists in their field, their experience and knowledge are invaluable in the diagnosis and treatment of all hearing loss and ear, nose and throat related issues. To schedule your appointment via our Consultation request page.

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