Do You Offer Financing For Hearing Aids?

financing for hearing aids

We Offer Financing Options For Hearing Aids in Plantation, FL!

To participate in many aspects of life fully, one has to hear and code messages conveyed in their environment. Hearing aids have been developed to help people with ear problems to code messages. As such, most people would wish to see the devices available at an affordable price to all those who need them. This is precisely why at the Hearing Doctors we have made it a point to offer Financing Options For Hearing Aids.


While it may be a challenge for most people to find affordable devices, several options have been availed to them. For instance, you can acquire cheap hearing devices in Coral Springs, Florida and the surrounding areas thanks to the Hearing Doctors ENT Associates of South Florida.


The association has been caring for and nursing patients with hearing difficulties since 1963. They have over 41 physicians located in over 30 locations to give you care and advice on how to live with hearing difficulties. The association is among the proponents of an agenda that seeks to see affordable hearing gadgets being accessible to all patients with hearing problems.


Different modalities can be put in place to reduce the price of the devices in the market. Such modalities include incentives that are offered on audiological tests, examination of hearing devices, and the insurance cover on these devices.


Health insurance covers can also boost a person’s ability to purchase hearing devices. To get services using your insurance, all you need to do is harmonize payment procedures on your plan and take advantage of existing discounts. Payments for these devices can be made using the following methods:

  • VISA
  • Cash payments
  • Cheques
  • Debit cards
  • MasterCard

You can also use any credit card as long as it’s approved for use within US.


Programs you can Use As Financing Options For Hearing Aids


Care Credit

Care Credit has cheap plans that can help you get financing for the hearing aids. Under this program, you can pay for a specific time for the hearing devices instead of paying a lump sum. Furthermore, you will not pay any interest under Care Credit as long as you make your monthly repayments and settle the full amount at the end of the payment duration.



You can qualify for hearing devices through Medicaid if you are a low-income earner. Those with medium income can also qualify for the devices through Medicaid health insurance. You just need to get in touch with your county social service agency and receive the expected services.


The Individualized Education Program

The Individualized Education Program aims to give hearing assistive technology to the school going children at no cost. If you have a child with a hearing loss, you can get hearing devices through this program.


The State assistive technology program

The State Assistive Technology gives temporal loans to finance equipment and referral services. You can get affordable loans through the program and purchase hearing devices to use.


The Hearing Doctors ENT Associates of South Florida is committed towards a healthy lifestyle in Florida, Miami, and the surrounding areas. Discounted programs and organizations are accepted at the clinic. You can check in and receive affordable care or hearing devices at discounted rates.

Use Our Financing Options For Hearing Aids

Patient financing is a largely ignored industry. To ensure that the people in need are receiving the help they need, all relevant bodies must increase awareness about the available patient financing programs. Come by our location in Plantation, Florida today and select your device and Financing Options For Hearing Aids.

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