What Are Micro RIC 312 Hearing Aids?


Hearing AidThe devices use a 312 battery, have a Bluetooth, and a programmable on-board button. They are of different colors, types, and are suitable for people with different hearing loss levels. The Micro RIC 312 Hearing aid series are designed to fit comfortably into the ear canal. They have a curved casing that fits comfortably behind the ear and clear hooks that hold it over the ears that make them unnoticeable.


Benefits of Using the Micro RIC 312 Hearing Aid

Micro RIC 312 hearing aid have four significant advantages over most hearing devices in the market. They have an improved performance, are comfortable to use, can be customized, and support connectivity to different audio devices like phones.


In regard to performance, these Micro RIC 312 hearing devices are designed with a state of the art technology to help users hear better in noisy surrounding by regulating high noise into a standard level. On the other hand, they help users to understand soft or low noise clearly.


Another advantage of Micro RIC 312 hearing devices is that they are made from a Nano- coating material that is resistant to water, wax, and other outside elements. This means that the hearing aids can withstand normal wear and tear, and hence last long.

The devices have a Bluetooth technology and a Surflink mobile transmitter, features that help users to stream audios and receive phone calls.

The Different Types Of a Micro RIC 312 Hearing Aid

The Micro RIC 312 aids come in different kinds, which have different features. Common types of these hearing devices that are often recommended by The Hearing Doctors ENT Associates of South Florida include:

  1. Micro RIC 312 i110 Series

Micro RIC 312 i110 series is the most powerful Micro RIC 312 aids. The i110 series is recommended for active users whose surrounding is very noisy. Examples of such noisy environments include restaurants and theaters.


The hearing Doctors ENT Associates of South Florida recommend series i110 Receiver in Canal aids for users with an average hearing impairment. They differ depending on the User’s level of hearing impairment. Some features on the Micro RIC 312 hearing aid include 16 processing channels, Acoustic Scene Analyzer, synchronized user controls, Surflink accessories, Speech ID, Directional microphones, and a Multiflex Tinnitus Technology.


  1. Micro RIC 312 i90 series

Micro RIC i90 series are designed to give you an excellent sound clarity in various sound environments like social occasions and other outdoor activities. Unique features in this set include 12 processing channels, Purewave Feedback Eliminator, Synchronised user controls, Surflink technology, directional microphones, and a multi tinnitus technology. The i90 series are of different styles that depend on User’s level of hearing loss.


  1. Micro RIC 312 i70 series

The i70 series are mid-range level hearing aids recommended for people having a conversation or a small social gathering. The Micro RIC i70 series has standard directional microphones, eight processing channels, an acoustic scene analyzer, a purewave Feedback Eliminator, synchronized user controls, and a multi tinnitus technology customized according to your hearing needs.


  1. Micro RIC 312 i30

The Micro RIC i30 series has essential directional microphones, six processing channels, and two critical noise and wind management settings.

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