What Is Malformation Of The Inner Ear?

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If you have ever experienced any issues with your hearing, you may be worried about whether you will lose your hearing completely, if you haven’t already. There are a variety of problems you can have when it comes to your hearing so it is important that if you have any symptoms of hearing loss, that you schedule an appointment with The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Plantation or Coral Springs, FL. We will be able to help diagnose the issue and come up with a treatment plan. One of the problems you may be faced with is the malformation of the inner ear. With so many different types of hearing issues, how do you know if you have malformation?

What Is Malformation?

Inner ear malformation can be a cause of sensorineural hearing loss in children. The two main causes of a malformation are environmental and genetic sources. Environmental causes can include viral infections and bacterial meningitis. The genetic causes can be syndromic and non-syndromic. Malformations are found in a portion of children who are born with sensorineural hearing loss and can eventually cause deafness if a child is born with any hearing ability. Children with a severe malformation can suffer from a variety of issues. The development of language is poor even with hearing aids. If hearing aids are not helping your child, cochlear implants are usually recommended by a doctor. It is difficult to predict the outcome of the cochlear implant surgery if your child has minimal hearing ability. Something else children may suffer with is balance issues.

What Are The Symptoms Of Malformation?

Although it should be easy for a doctor to diagnose the issues you are having, there are a few symptoms that you may experience. These symptoms are indications for doctors that there is ear malformation:

  • Frequent ear infections
  • Facial deformities
  • Crooked Teeth

An ear malformation can be diagnosed with basic or advanced hearing tests to determine hearing loss or a doctor may do diagnostic imaging such as a CT to look deeper into the issue to see if there are related deformities in the jaw or kidney. After you visit a doctor at The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida), you will be provided with a plan of action to treat your malformation.

How Is It Treated?

After consulting with your audiologist they will choose the best treatment plan for you. Some treatment plans they may talk about include:

  • Ear Molding- This is ideal for newborns with protruding or constricted ears, around 1 to 3 weeks old.
  • Surgery- Surgery is not always performed when the child is born. The doctors want to wait until the ear has grown and developed before doing a surgery which is at about 6 years of age.
  • Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implants- This will improve the hearing and if hearing aids are not working well enough, the doctor will surgically implant hearing devices.

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