How Do I Maintain My Hearing Aids?

maintenance Hearing Aids in PlantationHearing aids are small electronic devices that we can use to boost our hearing. The devices make sounds louder so that if we are affected by a hearing loss, the device can be able to listen and communicate information to us at our ideal sound levels. Hearing devices have three main parts that include a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker. Our Hearing Aids in Plantation come in a variety of styles and are an important investment.

Maintaining Your Hearing Aids in Plantation

To reap the maximum benefits from hearing devices, we need to maintain them properly. The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) has 45 members who are all physicians located in Florida. Those of you who could be suffering from a hearing loss can obtain advice from an audiologist in Coral Springs and Plantation, Florida. You need to visit these physicians so that they can lead the way forward, and learn how to keep our hearing devices at optimal performance. You can also visit The Hearing Doctors ENT Associates of South Florida at


The question remains, how do I maintain my hearing aids? Hearing devices need special care and treatment so as to maintain their functionality over time. Some hearing devices cost a fortune and it is in our best interests to keep them in good condition. For instance, during the day, we expose the hearing gadgets to several substances. To maintain them in good condition, we need to observe the following:


  1. Take care of the wax

We usually produce a large amount of earwax. It is important that we know how much earwax we produce and get ways of ensuring we keep it in check all the time. We should always clean our ears by spraying water into the ear canal. However, as we do this, we have to be careful not to perforate the eardrum. The water pressure we apply should be controlled to be favorable in cleaning the ear. If we are unable to do the cleaning ourselves, then we can contact our audiologist to help us clean them. It is also important to inspect for any wax trapped in the hearing device. Another alternative is to purchase wax guards.


  1. Use good batteries

We are advised to deactivate hearing devices when we are not planning to use them for some time. However, we don’t need to completely remove the battery. All that we are required to do is open the battery door and leave it open. We should also be careful not to switch the battery on and off since this can damage the hearing aid.


  1. Good storage

We need to store our Hearing Aids in Plantation carefully to keep them in good condition. We should have a case to keep them inside and keep it away from dirt and moisture.


  1. Give them regular check-ups

We need to assess the functionality of our hearing aid every day. We should check for any unusual response from the aid. It is very vital that our audiologists get a look at our aid every time we have an appointment with them.


  1. Regular cleaning of hearing devices

We are required to properly clean our devices daily. We should use a wipe to clean them before placing them in a jar. Moisture free jars and wipes can be bought from the nearest audiology clinic around Plantation and Coral Springs.

Contact The Hearing Doctors

It is crucial to keep our hearing aids in good condition. We need to obtain the full value for our money and be able to communicate with our loved one with ease. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors please visit our contact page now.

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