2 Solutions From Starkey for Single-sided Hearing Loss

hearing loss in one ear in Fort Lauderdale

Selecting a hearing aid for hearing loss in one ear can be a confusing process if you don’t know what brand and what model to choose from. Thankfully, your doctor can provide you with guidance about what brands they trust and what would work best for your particular hearing loss. The experts at Starkey have developed two models for single-sided hearing loss that are trusted by The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you are searching for a doctor to provide you with assistance regarding your hearing aid and hearing loss, contact The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) for information.


Receiver-In-Canal hearing aids for hearing loss in one ear


The Starkey Receiver-In-Canal model for single-sided hearing loss allows you to correct the hearing in your weaker by placing the hearing aid in your healthy ear. It is not only easy to adjust and comes in a variety of colors for both discreet and fashionable use, but it also allows you to hear well in both ears. The model also features the Muse iQ CROS System which delivers an array of benefits perfect for those dealing with single-sided hearing loss.

Behind-the-Ear hearing aids


The Starkey Behind-the-Ear model features a lot of the same benefits as the Receiver-In-Canal model with its discreet design and variety of color options. It also functions in much the same way, utilizing the healthy ear to better the hearing in the weaker ear. This model also features the Muse iQ CROS System with all its benefits.


Muse iQ CROS System


The Muse iQ CROS System can assist the wearer to hear in easily in loud environments with its Acuity Immersion Directionality, which can restore the natural benefits that the ear provides and improve the audibility of speech in situations where listening can be difficult. It also comes with the ability to adapt easily to new sounds, provides better wireless streaming for your cell phone and other media, cuts back on buzzing and whistling, has a Surface NanoShield which renders it repellent to water and moisture, and Advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, which can help relieve those who suffer from tinnitus.


The design also has the capacity to speed the transition to using hearing aids by using gradual adjustment, distortion-free listening, and clarity of the highest quality for quieter noises. The design can also be used for listening to music as intended using a clean, crisp sound quality.


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The search for a hearing aid for hearing loss in one ear does not have to be a long or complicated one. With the technology and advancements from Starkey, you have the option of two top-of-the-line Receiver-In-Canal and Behind-the-Ear models to better your hearing loss with their Muse iQ CROS System. If you are interested in learning more about their two models or about whether the Muse iQ CROS System is right for you, contact The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) of Fort Lauderdale, Florida for information regarding models and pricing.

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