5 Everyday Causes of Hearing Loss

hearing loss causes in Fort Lauderdale

While most people associate hearing loss with natural aging, hearing loss can actually occur as a result of specific things that you do daily. Because of this, it is important to take the appropriate steps to prevent hearing loss damage and consult with an audiologist. The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can provide you with advice to avoid hearing loss causes.


Hearing loss causes

A variety of things can cause hearing loss and this is by no means an extensive list. Be mindful of the things that you encounter on an everyday basis that may be too loud for your ears. If you find yourself constantly struggling to hear you may be suffering from hearing loss and may want to seek out and eradicate the source of the damage.


1) TV or Speakers

Your TV or speakers at home can be deceptively loud to your sensitive ears. Though you may believe that because the sound is being spread out through the space and not directly in your ears it will not have damaging effects on your ears, this is actually not the case. At loud enough volumes, the sound from your TV or home sound system can still be very damaging.


2) Earbuds

How many of us listen to music on our phones daily? Most people will use earbuds nearly every day and, often, can turn it up to loud volumes in order to tune out the world. While this may seem effective in giving you the isolation you need, it can be incredibly damaging to your ears, especially at loud volumes. The direct impact of the sound into your ear canal can be one of the most harmful things that you can do to your ears.


3) Motorized vehicles

Motorized vehicles, like power mowers or motorbikes or even four-wheelers, can be have high decibel levels which can be harmful to the ear. In order to protect your ears from the damage, you must wear protective gear for your ears when utilizing these vehicles.


4) Power tools

Some home renovation projects can utilize a variety of power tools including power drills and electric saws. While these tools are convenient for getting the job done quickly, they can have harmful decibel levels and should only be used while wearing earplugs or some other kind of protective gear.


5) Concerts and live entertainment

Everyone enjoys the occasional concert so it is no surprise to anyone that these can get very loud. Because of this, it is important that you use earplugs or you may permanently damage your hearing. Concerts can have dangerously high decibel levels and these can result in temporary hearing loss and more permanent hearing damage.


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