Could Hair Growth Result in Hearing Loss Reversal?

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How Is Hearing Loss and Hair Related?

We are born with thousands of tiny hair cells in our ears and with age these hairs get damaged and sadly slowly die. The organ of Corti, located in a portion of the ear’s cochlea is made up of tiny sensitive hairs that process sound and transmit it to the brain. Prolonged exposure to loud noises contributes to hair cell damage but it is not the only culprit. Some drugs such as some antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs and even heavy aspiring use can disrupt these fragile hairs and lead to hearing loss. Is there such a thing as hearing loss reversal? According to the National Institutes for Health (NIH), more than 90 percent of hearing loss is due to the destruction of hair cells or auditory nerve cells. And roughly 33 million Americans currently suffer from hearing loss, and approximately 500 million worldwide.


Unfortunately, humans are unable to spontaneously regenerate these damaged or dying cells like some animals are. For example, after a bird loses its hearing from a loud noise or injury, the inner ear regenerates the sensory hair cells naturally. In fact, most vertebrates such as fish and frogs share this ear repair ability or hearing loss reversal, unlike us human mammals. Although hearing aids may have improved over time, no drug currently exists on the market to recover hearing loss.


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Is There A Cure for Hearing Loss?

The main focus for hearing health professionals has always been based on prevention, like steering clear of loud or harmful noises and treatment with the use of hearing aids. Just as many animals can regenerate the tiny hair cells that enable hearing—and there are promising signs that people may be able to do the same. Now, scientists indicate there can be a way to restore hearing by re-growing ear hair cells. As you can imagine, this development is enormous as it could cure deafness and change the entire future of hearing loss.


For now, scientists are experimenting this concept on mice as trials. Eventually, they will experiment on human hair cells to perfect their formula for hearing loss reversal in the inner ear.


Consequently, it is too soon to draw any conclusions and although we may be years away from restoring hearing we are closer than we ever were before, and it is a very positive breakthrough.


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