A Fort Lauderdale Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Talks About Widex BEYOND Hearing Aids

Fort Lauderdale Ear Nose and Throat Doctor Widex BEYOND copyThe Hearing Doctors know how difficult it is to adjust your everyday life around your hearing impairment and that is why we are always utilizing the newest technologies in hearing aids and implants. Our ear, nose, and throat doctor is always researching the best new products to recommend to patients for the most natural treatment of different levels of hearing loss.


Widex BEYOND Hearing Aids From A Fort Lauderdale Ear Nose and Throat Doctor


The Widex BEYOND hearing aids offers exceptional connectivity and leading edge sound that sets them apart from other hearing aid brands. There is no other hearing aid that offers the connectivity that Widex does with their easily customizable app that offers full streaming functionality and complete control over the listening environment. For patient’s convenience, hearing aids can be connected anywhere, anytime. There are many benefits to obtaining a Widex BEYOND hearing aid,  and paying the extra cost for the newest technology is worth it. Some of these benefits include:

  • Advanced tri-link technology that allows wearers to connect to other devices such as phones.
  • The interface of the app is customizable and the functionality provides easy navigation.
  • The sound is very clean and clear, even when streaming. An ear, nose, and throat doctor raves about this feature.
  • You can understand up to 30% more speech in wind as opposed to a lower level hearing aid. That is because the Widex hearing aid offers the SMARTWIND MANAGER.
  • PowerSaver Plus technology offers better power consumption.
  • There is a soft level noise reduction that allows softer sounds such as whispers to be heard, while blocking out or lowering louder sounds.


Widex BEYOND hearing aids have been researched a lot by musicians and others who need superior sound. Most inquirers are people who have jobs or hobbies that require them to listen to sound. Not only does Widex BEYOND offer iPhone connectivity but it also offers telecoil support and compatibility with all other Widex devices. The audio is driven by independent channel separation, minimal delay filters, and 4 analog-to-digital converters. The streaming audio is boosted by up-sampling the wireless stream and high input dynamic range. Widex not only helps you hear clearer sounds adjustable to your environment, but these hearing aids also let you stream music and phone calls wirelessly.


The Mobile App


The mobile app that comes with Widex BEYOND can be personalized to adjust sound settings and listening programs suited for each patient’s needs and comfort. The interface enables quick navigation through various options. In addition to being able to control the stream options, the app provides a preference control setting for a variety of listening situations. Widex offers a power saving technology so you do not drain your phone battery when you connect your hearing device. With the power saving option, you will also need to change the batteries in your hearing aid less.

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