Our Fort Lauderdale Audiologist Talks About Cochlear Implants

cochlear implant fort lauderdale audiologist

Today, The Hearing Doctors, a Fort Lauderdale audiologist, discusses cochlear implants. Cochlear implants are two-part devices allowing people to restore a part of or all of their hearing abilities. Are you thinking about using these hearing implants? Let’s consider both the pros and cons so you can make an educated decision that you can discuss with your audiologist, such as The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates fo South Florida).

Our Fort Lauderdale Audiologist Compares the Pro’s & Con’s

Cochlear Implant Pros


  1. Hearing Improvement


Many individuals who have gone through cochlear implant surgery report an improvement in hearing ability. Of course, each person’s results vary in this area. If you are able to regain some or all of your hearing, then you’ll benefit from the ability to improve communication with others. Hearing improvement lessons your dependence on others and means learning lip reading or sign language is of less importance.


  1. More Opportunities


Younger people, especially, will see more opportunities come their way in social groups, schools, career choices, etc as a result of improved hearing. For people of all ages, while opportunities will vary based on the success of the surgery, some limitations will be a thing of the past.


  1. Safety


Having the ability to hear can help prevent problems in dangerous situations, such as car accidents, construction sites, etc. Hearing is a key factor in the ability to be aware of one’s surroundings and danger prevention.


  1. Telephones, TV and Music


Using the telephone becomes more possible. Of course, not all people with cochlear implants will improve in this area but some will have the ability to make normal calls. Watching television can become more enjoyable when a person can hear more of what’s being said. Some people can hear music better after surgery.


Cons of Cochlear Implants


  1. Risky Surgery


This is not a minor surgery. It’s near the brain and you must be put to sleep using general anesthesia. General anesthesia itself has potential side effects to worry about. One big risk is injury to the facial nerve. This is a nerve running through the middle ear. Its job is to handle facial muscle movement.


  1. Unnatural Sounds


People’s voices and other common sounds may not sound the same as when heard by people without difficulty hearing.


  1. Infection Risks


If infection occurs, then the implant may need to be removed. Considering how expensive surgery is (potentially thousands of dollars), this is a huge health and financial risk to think through.


  1. Lifetime Decision


Especially for children, there are potential risks to think about. If they are very young when having surgery, think about the fact that they will be dependent on the cochlear implant all their lives in order to hear. What if the manufacturer goes out of business for some reason? This affects customer service and/or parts.

Give us a Call!

As you can see, there are both pros and cons to cochlear implants. Use these to weigh your decision as you consider whether surgery is right for you or a loved one. When you’re ready, take time to set up an appointment with a Fort Lauderdale audiologist, such as The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida).


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