Have Questions About Hearing Aid Prices & Payment Options?

Consistent with the philosophy of The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida), every effort is made to make your decision to own a hearing aid as simple as possible.  All patients are encouraged to ask as many questions as needed until they become comfortable with their choices/decisions regarding hearing aid prices and quality.  During your consultation, questions regarding prices and payment options will be answered by the team at The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida).

Hearing Aid Financing

Multiple payment options are available, including cash, check and credit card.  Our office even offers payment plans with 100% financing.  Financing plans can help manage the costs and bring hearing aids within your budget.  Hearing aid financing options allow patients to divide the costs of their hearing aids into affordable monthly payments.

Although price and affordability are two important factors, choosing your hearing aid provider should be based on the doctor’s training, abilities, experience, and credentials.  When you put your trust in our office you will receive the very best of all, as well as financing options that make the cost affordable to you. Do not let initial Hearing Aid Prices deter you from receiving a quality device.

To learn more about the different kinds of hearing aids and hearing impairment and related conditions, please make sure to visit our blog. If you have questions, please make sure to review our FAQ’s page as well to receive answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive.

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