Does Your ENT Doctor Offer Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Audiology?

ENT Doctor Offer Diagnostic and Rehabilitative AudiologyRehabilitative Audiology By An ENT Doctor

When you suspect that you have hearing loss, it is essential to visit an ENT doctor for diagnostic testing. An ear, nose and throat physician understands the different parts of the ear and will have the equipment required to determine if you have hearing loss. After determining that you do have hearing loss, there are a variety of ways to help you overcome the problem using rehabilitative methods. In Plantation, FL., the Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) can help you find the best physician for your needs.

Reasons For Having Hearing Loss

An ear, nose and throat physician is able to perform a complete examination of the auditory canal or other nearby regions to determine if your hearing loss is caused by a treatable infection, growth or injury. If you have been exposed to loud noise for many years, then you may have an unusual form of hearing loss that includes tinnitus. In some cases, treatment with medications or surgery can minimize your hearing loss. Hearing aids are appropriate for you when you are unable to function normally due to hearing loss. Wearing the right hearing aids for your condition will improve your daily life.

Loss of Hearing Can Occur at Any Age

Hearing loss is typically noticed in older adults, but it can occur in younger individuals for several reasons, including a trauma injury or illness. In some cases, early hearing loss is genetic, and if you have a parent or sibling with early hearing loss, then you are more likely to experience the same condition. Each person who has a hearing loss has a different experience. One person might have a hearing loss in both ears while another suffers a loss in only one ear. In addition, the range of hearing loss can vary slightly or drastically in each ear.

How Aural Rehabilitation Is Helpful

Aural rehabilitation from an expert is the best way to understand your specific hearing loss in order to have the correct amplifying device. However, overcoming hearing loss requires having help from a team of experts that include audiologists, physicians, and speech-language therapists. While amplifying sounds with customized hearing aids is often vital for your daily well-being, it is not the only way to help you. A speech-language therapist can help you in these ways:

• Comprehension of sign language
• Voice production
• Comprehension of oral language
• Visual speech perception
• Comprehension of written language
• Auditory training

Services Provided by Ear, Nose and Throat Physicians

An ENT doctor can also assist you with an assortment of aural rehabilitative therapies when you have a minor to severe hearing loss. After you are fitted with a hearing aid that is appropriate for your hearing loss, a physician can provide these services:

• Hearing aid orientation
• Alternative hearing strategies
• Lipreading
• Understanding facial expressions
• Sign language
• Auditory training
• Cued speech

How to Learn More

Depending on your age, it is also essential to have your family involved in the process of learning how to cope with a hearing loss. The team of hearing loss professionals will work together to develop an individualized treatment plan for you that is adjusted periodically. For more information about diagnostic or rehabilitative audiology, contact The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida).

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