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The Hearing Doctors specialize in all things ears, nose, and throat-related. Luckily, they have 2 locations in Florida because they are one of best places to go when you are having issues regarding these areas of the body. When you need vestibular rehabilitation, come see our ENT doctors in Florida who specializes in this type of treatment.


Vestibular Disorders

Vestibular rehabilitation treats permanent dizziness. About 90 million Americans complain about experiencing dizziness. Most people only experience dizziness once or twice in their life, but then there are some people who experience it all the time. Patients that have dizzy spells all the time are considered to have developed permanent balance deficits and have limitations on their function. Most people who have limited function due to dizziness are older, and for most patients over 75 years old, dizziness is the number reason for visiting a doctor. Although dizziness may not seem like a critical medical issue, it can be for elders who have a higher risk of falling. As you get older, your functionality becomes more difficult and you get weaker so balancing can gradually become more difficult. If you suffer from constant dizziness as an elder and happen to fall when no one is around, that can call for a trip to the emergency room. To avoid having to go to the hospital, see ENT doctors to determine your best plan of action for treatment.


How Dizziness Is Treated

Dizzy spells are treated through Vestibular rehabilitation which is a series of exercises to help keep your body functioning. This therapy can be administered by ENT doctors who will choose the best form of therapy for your specific needs. The way treatment is prescribed depends on the symptoms of the patient and recommendation of a qualified doctor. The vestibular rehabilitation treats primary and secondary problems caused by vestibular disorders. Through therapy, the brain learns to use other senses to substitute for the vestibular system. The health of the nervous system plays a big role in determining the amount of damage caused and how much therapy is needed.

There are three different methods that can be executed for treatment. The first is habituation which is for patients who report dizziness when they move around and when they make head movements. The second method is gaze stabilization which is the method used for patients who have a hard time seeing and have blurry vision for any number of reasons. The last method of therapy is balance training. This is used to help patients steady themselves so they can perform everyday activities. An ENT doctor at The Hearing Doctors can help choose the right form of therapy for you.

Talk With Our ENT Doctors

Do you have constant dizziness? The Hearing Doctors are here to help with your persistent dizzy spells. Through different forms of treatment, one of our ENT doctors can be of great assistance to you. For inquiries and to find out how we can help you call us at 786-420-6660 or visit our website! We are located in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and Plantation.

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