Do I Have Endolymphatic Hydrops?

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Endolymphatic Hydrops is a disorder that can affect both the endolymphatic fluid of the cochlea and the vestibular apparatus. The exact cause and history of the disorder are unknown but it has been debated that it is caused by an abnormality of the endolymph. While in a normal ear, the endolymph maintains a constant volume. While in an ear that is affect by hydrops, the controls that regulate the fluid are lost or damaged. This means that when the body’s circulatory fluids and electrolytes fluctuate, the fluids in the endolymph may fluctuate as well. This disorder is treatable and your ear specialist can provide you with the guidance you need to develop a treatment plan. Contact your local ear nose and throat doctor for more information. The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Plantation can be your resource for endolymphatic hydrops treatment.


There are two kind of hydrops that can affect you. One is called primary idiopathic endolymphatic hydrops, or Ménière’s disease, and the other is called secondary endolymphatic hydrops. Primary has no underlying cause and can appear for no reason. This makes it especially difficult to predict, as it can affect anyone at any time.

The other type of hydrops is typically a result of an underlying reason. For instance, after ear surgery or significant head trauma, you may be afflicted with secondary endolymphatic hydrops. It can also occur alongside other ear conditions such as inner ear disorders, allergies, or systemic disorders.


A number of symptoms may affect you if you have hydrops. Some of these are tinnitus—which is a ringing in the ears—hearing loss in general, dizziness or imbalance, and a pressuring feeling in the ears. The severity of your symptoms will depend upon the severity of your disorder and also the type of hydrops that you have. While primary include violent attacks of each of these symptoms, secondary syptoms are consistent over time and therefore less severe overall.



Treatment can vary depending on your particular symptoms and the type of hydrops that you have. The treatment plans have two very different focuses: one is to manage an incurable condition and the other is to remedy the condition enough to make it disappear. If you have primary, the goal of your treatment plan will be to manage your symptoms and lessen the severity of your attacks. Meanwhile, if you have secondary, the treatment plan will focus more on getting your fluids under control and figuring out and treating the underlying condition. An ear specialist or ear nose and throat doctor can determine the correct treatment plan for you after diagnosis.


Contact an Ear Specialist

If you would like more information about endolymphatic hydrops or how you can manage your symptoms and recover from your disorder, contact The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida), an ear nose and throat doctor in Plantation, for information. They can consult you in determining what type of hydrops you have and what type of treatment plan would be best for you.

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