The Connection Between Concussions & Vestibular Disorders

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If you suffer from a vestibular disorder, or are having symptoms, then you should see an ear nose and throat doctor. For example, The Hearing Doctors ENT Associates of South Florida in Plantation can help you understand what your options are, and how to prevent further injury. But you might be wondering right now what the connection could be between your concussion and vestibular disorders. The answer is that there are many.


According to, there are a number of links between concussions and symptoms of vestibular disorders. If your symptoms include dizziness, nausea, trouble sleeping, headaches, or more, then you should pay close attention:


The link between concussions and vestibular disorders is strong.


The first step to determining the link in any case is to look at the actual conditions that concussions occur in. First of all, they can occur if your head hits a hard object, such as a wall, the ground, or a helmet in contact sports. It can even happen during auto accidents.


The reason these scenarios commonly cause concussions is because the head will rapidly accelerate and decelerate such that your brain’s tissue contacts the skull inside. If this does happen, some damage occurs to your brain system. An ear nose and throat doctor can help you assess this connection.


For example, on athletes, many terms the signals that the nerves are sending get disrupted for as much as a month after just one concussion. During this time, reaction time can slow down and processing becomes more of a task for the brain. This is why ear nose and throat doctors run so many tests. It is to make sure you are aware of your surroundings in daily life. For you, this might mean playing with your kids, grandkids, or driving. Or it could mean playing sports and watching as a ball comes at you.


Because of the trauma your brain experienced, your vestibular system is not functioning as it should. It tries to stabilize your body, but the information it is receiving is not accurate. Therefore, you feel the resulting dizziness. This can actually result in fatigue, because your body and brain are working harder to do everyday tasks.


Because your visual system is one of the most affected parts from such an injury, it is causing strains on your eyes and even headaches from the nerve tension. The reason for headaches is that without the proper spacial information, your brain relies on your visual sensors and joint sensors. This causes your brain to be overwhelmed and not balance properly, so you feel unstable. It’s why you might experience such a sensation even just getting out of bed in the morning.


It will feel weird to even move your head from side to side sometimes. In this case, your neck can feel stiff from any whiplash you might have experienced. This makes things more complicated as the symptoms continue to creep up. That’s why it’s never too early to see a medical professional about your issues.

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