The Difference Between Hearing Aids and Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive Listening DevicesConventional hearing aids have been a long time solution to many hearing loss and impairment cases over the decades. While they work for a large scope of people, another product called an assistive listening device also exists and offers a wonderful solution for the elderly and other specific cases. If you have only looked at hearing aids in Fort Lauderdale FL, read this blog to learn about another solution.


What Is An Assistive Listening Device?


According to the National Association of the Deaf, Assistive Listening Devices (ALD’s), sometimes called Assistive Listening Systems (ALD’s), are amplifiers that separate the sounds of speech from the background.


The way that it works is that it will adjust the  “speech to noise ratio” that is heard by the impaired individual. Typically, someone with hearing loss needs the volume to be increased by 15-25 dB in order to hear something clearly.


While increasing the volume of whatever device they are using may seem like a good solution, that can be disruptive to everyone around them as the volume would be very high. This is where ALD’s come in. These devices allow the individual to adjust the volume for themselves for their own benefit.


Isn’t That What Hearing Aids Do?


Yes, but it is a bit different. Hearing aids boost sound in the ear but in cases where a person is in a noisy setting, the hearing aid cannot distinguish between types of sounds (is it speech or is it background noise?).


With an ALD, the device will increase the speech or sound that is closest to the subject and reduces the background noise. They also reduce echo. They also act as amplifiers to conventional hearing aids as they can extend their reach and effectiveness.


Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Assistive Listening Devices?


The elderly comprise the group of users who most frequently need these type of devices. As an individual becomes older, hearing impairment commonly occurs. Speech becomes more difficult to hear.


The ALD’s make the process of distinguishing speech and noise quite simple and easy, and are the perfect solution to just about all of these situations.


I am Under the Age of 65 and Have Trouble Distinguishing Speech. Can I Still Use an ALD?


Yes you most definitely can! In order to see if an ALD is the best solution to your problem, please visit our Contact page and give us a call in order to schedule an appointment at the nearest office near you.


Our audiologists will conduct a thorough examination and are also able to help with fittings and information. As experts in their field, they can recommend which device is the best option for your hearing impairment.


If an ALD is not the solution for you, not to worry, we offer an array of hearing aid devices and are home to two of the top Otolaryngologists in their field.

Come By One of Our Offices

ALD’s are utilized for all levels of hearing impairment, from mild to severe, and can produce fantastic results. We hope to see you at our office soon. Schedule a consultation with our audiologist now.

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