How To Change Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries in Coral Spring

Having your hearing aids start beeping in your ear while you’re wearing them means that it’s time to change your batteries before they die completely. If you don’t, you may find yourself struggling to hear like you’re used to. The process of changing your hearing aid batteries is quick and simple, but must be done frequently since batteries are only designed to last for weeks instead of months. Follow these steps to stop that beeping and get back to listening to your music, talking to someone or watching television.


How To Change Your Batteries


  1. Know what size battery is appropriate for the specific hearing aid that you received from the Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida). There are four common sizes available. They correspond to numbers and colors which are 10, 13, 312 and 675 and yellow, brown, orange and blue respectively. This makes it easy to identify and purchase your new set of hearing aid batteries so you don’t get home with the new ones only to realize that you have to turn around and go back to get the right ones.


  1. Peel the sticker off of the battery once you’re sure that you are going to use it because once the sticker is off, it begins to discharge.


  1. Allow your battery to sit for a minute to absorb the oxygen in the air to activate it. Once the zinc is exposed to the air, the battery is activated. You cannot stop the process by putting the sticker back on.


  1. Open the door on your hearing aid battery compartment by pressing the notch or pulling a lever. Remove the old battery.


  1. Insert your new battery in your hearing aid. Ensure that the positive or plus sign is facing up towards you. The flat side will be facing the outside to fit against the battery door properly.


  1. Close the battery door and you should be back in business with hearing everything around you. If the door designed to hold your hearing aid batteries doesn’t close easily you might have to put the battery in the compartment upside down. Dispose of your old battery appropriately, and if it contains mercury, ensure that it makes it to a recycling plant for proper disposal.


Care for Your Hearing aid Batteries


Prolong the life of your hearing aids and their batteries by employing these handling and storage tips. Keep them at room temperature because heat and humidity can drain the zinc. Store them in a place away from metal objects such as keys or coins to avoid short-circuiting them. Many people don’t know that the estimated battery life will last longer if you open the battery compartment when you aren’t wearing them to prevent moisture buildup.


Visit The Hearing Doctors Today!


Changing the batteries in your hearing aid isn’t too difficult, but help is available if you aren’t able to or if you find it to be tricky, from the Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida). You’ll be able to have someone else complete the task quickly and get back to hearing the way that you’re used to. Contact us Today! 

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