Comorbid Conditions with Tinnitus

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If you are experiencing tinnitus, you may be surprised to learn that tinnitus typically functions alongside other conditions. The patient who experiences tinnitus will usually have another condition that either causes the tinnitus or makes it worse. Either way, it is something no one should have to suffer through. The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) in Fort Lauderdale, FL are there to treat those suffering from tinnitus. They can explain the causes of hearing loss and how comorbid conditions work in the individual.

What are comorbid conditions?

Comorbid conditions are conditions that exist at the same time as the primary condition. In this case tinnitus is the primary condition and there are a range of comorbid conditions that go along with it. Of these there is Ménière’s Disease, Hyperacusis, Misophonia, Phonophobia, and depression and anxiety.

  • Ménière’s Disease: This disease is an inner ear disorder which affects hearing and balance. It can cause bouts of vertigo and can affect the individual either for short periods of time over the entirety of their lives or it can be intensely damaging for only a small duration.
  • Hyperacusis: This condition is characterized by a physical response to sound. Patients with hyperacusis feel actual pain in response to even normal environmental sounds.
  • Misophonia: This is also known as selective sound sensitivity and it is characterized by an emotional response, rather than a physical one, when a patient is faced with normal, everyday sounds.
  • Phonophobia: This is a specific, rather than a generalized, emotional response to sound. Unlike misophonia where the patient responds to specific sounds that can range in volume, phonophobia deals particularly with loud sound. The patient feels fear at hearing loud noises.
  • Depression and anxiety: For particularly bad cases of tinnitus, the patient may feel as though the condition is outside of their control and they may experience desperation and sadness. This leads to depression and anxiety in some patients dealing with severe tinnitus.

It is important for patients dealing with these conditions in addition to tinnitus to understand that it is normal; these conditions tend to function together and being honest with your doctor about the severity and extent of your symptoms will help ensure that you treat both conditions whatever they may be.

Causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss can come about in a variety of ways. Typically hearing loss is a result of one of the comorbid conditions and tinnitus is a symptom or side effect of the condition itself. In the cases of misophonia, phonophobia, and hyperacusis, tinnitus may be one of the reasons that the condition has affected the patient so intensely. Because the tinnitus exacerbates the condition, the patient feels additional aggravation as a result.

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Don’t let yourself suffer through tinnitus and its comorbid conditions alone. Seeking out professional help not only ensures that you can keep your symptoms in check but gives you the tools to prevent the condition from worsening. By learning the causes of hearing loss, you can stop hearing loss from occurring as a result of these conditions. The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) have several convenient locations in Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, and Plantation for those looking for assistance with their tinnitus. Contact them today.

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