Can An Audiologist Treat Ear Pain?

audiologist Can Treat Ear Pain

The Hearing Doctors specialize in hearing loss. Anyone is at risk for hearing loss, contrary to the popular belief that only older people can experience hearing issues. Our doctors can help you decide if you have hearing loss and your level of hearing loss while informing you on different treatments for your hearing issues. An audiologist in Plantation, FL can help you recover from your hearing loss by providing ideally a non-invasive treatment or providing you with hearing aids if necessary. Find out how an audiologist Can Treat Ear Pain by reading below…

How An Audiologist Can Treat Ear Pain?

An audiologist will use the best technology to test a patient’s hearing and the balance of their hearing. They can also determine the amount of hearing damage and figure out the root of the hearing loss. Audiologists are specialized hearing doctors that can make recommendations and inform patients on treatment and if surgery is necessary, an audiologist Can Treat Ear Pain and  set up the right surgical procedure for you.

What Is Ear Pain?

Ear pain can be as simple has having built up earwax or swimming in a pool and having water in your ear. Although these are some very simple things that can happen to anyone on any given day, any form of ear pain can be very uncomfortable. The ear has many parts and pain can occur in places such as the middle ear or the inner ear. The middle ear is separated from the external ear canal by the eardrum and this is where the nerves for your hearing are located. It is a small and closed space so even the tiniest amount of pressure can cause compression leading to ear pain. Middle ear infections are very common and caused by a bacteria or virus that invades the fluid in the middle ear. The inner ear is where messages are sent to the brain in regards to balance. Inflammation of the inner ear can cause Vertigo which can become very serious, so if you are experiencing hearing issues, make sure you contact an audiologist is Plantation that can diagnose your hearing concerns.

How Is Ear Pain Treated?

There are many different ways to treat ear pain. It depends on what the cause of your ear pain is and how severe it is. An audiologist Can Treat Ear Pain and  determine what course of action to take in order to treat your ear pain. Some treatments for ear pain include treating swimmer’s ear and middle ear infections. The treatments for these forms of ear pain are:

Swimmer’s Ear– Prescription ear drops for 7 to 10 days; If the ear canal is swollen, a doctor may recommend placing a small piece of gauze in the ear canal so the ear drops reach the correct location; Along with the eardrops, an oral antibiotic may be prescribed; Removing drainage.

Middle Ear– Antibiotics may be prescribed for middle ear pain; Drink lots of fluids; Humidify the air. Depending on the severity of the infection, a doctor may not even have to prescribe antibiotics if the infection starts to heal within 2 to 3 days.

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