Aural Rehabilitation and Counseling in Plantation, FL

ent doctor in plantation flAdvances in treatment for individuals who are hard-of-hearing or deaf are leading to better engagement and quality of life for many people. Whether treating infants, children or adults, providers at The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) recognize that technology is only one piece of the puzzle. This is where aural rehabilitation services come into play.

An ENT Doctor in Plantation Describes Aural Rehabilitation

Aural rehabilitation describes the process of helping an individual identify, choose, and learn to properly use and benefit from hearing devices in a variety of environments. This includes helping the brain become adjusted to interpreting input from a hearing device, and follow-up visits to have hearing aids or cochlear implants adjusted based on how an individual is responding to the device. Aural rehabilitation and counseling services with a ENT doctor in Plantation are essential for obtaining the maximum benefit from hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and cochlear implants.

A Plan is Needed

When looking for an ENT doctor in Plantation, FL it’s important to make sure providers are available to help you with your individual needs in addition to getting a hearing aid or cochlear implant. Teams consisting of physicians and audiologists provide comprehensive information about how to care for hearing aids and other listening devices, teach you to use different device settings effectively and work on conditioning your body to interpret signals from the device correctly. A plan is created to clarify which technologies will help best in various environments throughout the day.


The skilled providers from The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) recognize that the specific details of an aural rehabilitation plan will vary depending on an individual’s needs. When you come in for an appointment, the physician or audiologist will develop a customized assessment and treatment plan. The plan takes into account how hearing loss has affected your everyday life at home, in social settings, and in work environments. Family involvement in all aspects of care planning is encouraged.


For people who acquire hearing loss later in life, appointments may be focused on selection and training for hearing aids or assistive listening technology, teaching listening strategies for different environments, learning speech reading strategies, and improving the perception of sounds using hearing aids. Counseling related to accepting and dealing with hearing loss in your personal and work life is also available.


Similar services are available for people who are born with hearing impairment. Additional services include assistance in determining what mode or modes of communication may be most appropriate for the patient and family, input regarding cochlear implant candidacy and mapping adjustments for cochlear implant users. Help with referrals to speech-language pathologists or other providers is available as needed for assistance with improving language skills or help developing additional modes of communication such as sign language if needed.

Contact The Hearing Doctors

Schedule an aural rehabilitation and counseling appointment with an ENT doctor in Plantation to discuss the impact of hearing loss, to get help with making the personal decision about hearing aid purchase, or to receive help with developing a comprehensive treatment plan for your individual hearing needs. Our providers at The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida) are committed to providing quality ENT care in Plantation.

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