5 Reasons Why Your Hearing Aids Aren’t Working

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Although technology has improved the looks, size, and functionality of hearing aids, they still fail at times. Many people stop using the devices even if they spent a fortune to buy them. About 17 percent of Americans experience hearing loss problems. Some it is permanent, while for others it is just temporary. Hearing aids are meant to amplify the high pitched softer sounds without picking up any interference from the surrounding environment. The aim is to help the user obtain clarity of sounds.


According to our Audiologist Fort Lauderdale clients trust, some of the common reasons why your hearing aid may fail to work correctly include the following:


Blocked Wax Filter


Your hearing aid works best when dry. If it is not cleaned regularly and not accomplished well enough to remove all the wax, the device will not perform as expected. In most cases, when wax settles on it, you will hear some distorted sound, a whistling kind of sound or at times you will not hear anything at all. This may be mistaken as a major problem, but it is not. Do not waste a trip to your Audiologist for hearing aid repair, resolve this problem easily right at home.


Battery Failure


Another common reason why hearing aids fail is due to having a defective battery. As a user, you may conclude that the device is broken due to the distorted sound that will be reaching your ears. Some people may not hear anything at all. If you visit The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida), the specialists will outline the signs to look out for so that you will know it is time to change the batteries. If the battery looks corroded, you should discard it and buy a new one.


Dirty and Wet Ears


Always remember to remove your hearing aid any time you go swimming or when you shower in the evening after work. Most aids are not moisture friendly, and exposure renders them almost useless. The other main reason that may make you think that you need hearing aid repair is excessive wax in your ears. Try to keep your ears clean all the time, and if the wax is produced in large amounts, an Audiologist Fort Lauderdale patients rely on will help you. You will explore healthy ways of getting rid of wax to protect your aid and improve your hearing.


A Change in Hearing Aid Program Settings


Sometimes, the malfunctioning of your hearing aid is as a result of an accidental change in settings. The device may be picking up some interference from its surroundings when the setting is in the telecoil mode. Sometimes you will struggle to hear when the aim has been switched to a low amplification problem. All of the above do not warrant a hearing aid repair. All you have to do is adjust the setting to the point where they work best for you.


Electronic Circuitry Failure Will Need A Hearing Aid Repair


After prolonged exposure to moisture and wax. The filter will become blocked, and the tubing will eventually destroy the electrical circuitry. In this case, the hearing aid is taken back to the manufacturer for repairs or can be fixed locally with the help of your local Audiologist Fort Lauderdale residents turn to.


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Some of the things you may perceive as a failure of your hearing aid may turn out to be minor functionality problems. If the problem persists, you can seek medical advice from the The Hearing Doctors (ENT Associates of South Florida).

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