Drs. Jamie Pollack and Constance Metropulos, our audiologists, will help you decide on the type of hearing aid technology and style that is best suited for your lifestyle. Drs. Curtis Johnson and Jon Rosenthal, our board-certified ear, nose and throat physicians, will address any medical concerns you may have. We will listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions.

The decision to purchase a hearing aid is a very important, personal decision. Our team of hearing loss specialists will spend ample time counseling and reviewing your test results. We understand that the only way for you to feel comfortable and confident about being fitted with a hearing aid is to become thoroughly informed about the hearing aids that you are considering purchasing and to become knowledgeable about the ENT Doctor & Audiologist in Fort Lauderdale dispensing your hearing aids.

Drs. Johnson, Rosenthal,  Metropulos and Pollack are dedicated and committed to doing whatever is necessary to help you gain the level of comfort and confidence you deserve.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss

The loss of hearing affects every aspect of your life, particularly your personal, family and professional relationships. According to an Audiologist in Fort Lauderdale, over 90% of people who wear hearing aids have “nerve loss”.

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Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

All patients are unique and so are their hearing needs. There is no one hearing aid right for everyone. Audiologist in Fort Lauderdale at our practice will work closely with you to select the very best hearing aid to improve your hearing and fit within your financial budget.

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As a convenience to our hearing aid patients, appointments can be scheduled online, or call now to arrange a complimentary hearing aid consultation with an ENT Doctor. Same day appointments are available.

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“I have been a patient of Ear, Nose and Throat Associates for many years. When it became apparent that I needed hearing aids, I decided to use the audiologist associated with the practice. A very wise decision on my part.I happen to have very small and unusually shaped canals, which makes fitting and wearing them a challenge. The first pair I received were, to my knowledge, not digital. It seems that there was less of a problem molding and fitting than my newer ones.


J.B. Plantation, Florida


“”I cannot express what a great audiologist Dr. Metropulos is! She is warm and kind. She immediately connected with my child and is extremely knowledgeable about hearing devices and conditions that require them. We had previously been to two other audiologists and she far exceeded our expectations. Dr. Metropulos is creative and did not provide us with the standard ‘textbook’ answers that other professionals did; she helped us create a solution that worked best for our individual child and his needs. She is always available if we have questions in between appointments. The office staff is friendly and I have never experienced any difficulties reaching Dr. Metropulos or scheduling an appointment.””

Cindy Silitsky, Florida




Curtis D. Johnson – DO

Specializes in ear related issues, particularly with regard to hearing loss in children.

docotr rosenthal the hearing doctors plantation

Jon N. Rosenthal – DO

Specializes in ear related issues, particularly with regard to hearing loss in children.

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doctor jamie pollock Audiologist

Jamie Pollack – AuD

Specializes in ear related issues, particularly with regard to hearing loss in children.

constance nicole metrolpulos audiologist

Constance Metropulos – AuD

Diagnostic and Rehabilitative Audiology for Adult and Pediatric patients.

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